HVAC Eqiupment Trading

Long lasting experience in distribution of equipment of leading world manufacturers such as DaikinEvapcoVertiv and Condair.

DAIKIN offers widest selection of all kinds of HVAC demands from air-conditioning of residential facilities, retail facilities, hotels, restaurants, sport facilities and office buildings to industrial and technical cooling systems.

EVAPCO is world leader in manufacturing systems for evaporative cooling systems regarding commercial air-conditioning and industrial processes as well as industrial cooling.

VERTIV offers high-precision air-conditioning solutions, DC/AC power supply (UPS, batteries), racks and integrated cabinets, data-center technologies, telecommunication networks as well as complete integrated solutions in telecommunication IT facilities.

CONDAIR is world leading manufacturer and supplier of complete solutions regarding air humidification and evaporative cooling and offers wide range of equipment including isothermal humidifiers, adiabatic humidifiers, steam distribution components and accompanying equipment (testing equipment and water treatment equipment).

  • Nestle, Surčin
  • Boysen Abgassysteme, Subotica, 2020
  • Hotel Hyatt, Beograd, 2020
  • Cooper tire, Kruševac, više projekata
  • Radio televizija Vojvodine, Novi Sad, 2020
  • Tigar Tyres, Pirot, više projekata
  • Soko Štark, Beograd, više projekata
  • Palata pravde, Beograd, 2019
  • Narodni muzej, Beograd, 2018
  • GTC 41, Novi Beograd, više projekata
  • TC Rajićeva, Beograd, 2017
  • Siemens, Subotica, više projekata
  • Contitech, Subotica, 2017
  • Hotel Marriott, Beograd, 2015
  • Pionir, Subotica, više projekata
  • Telekom Srbija, više projekata
  • Telekom Republike Srpske, više projekata
  • Telenor, više projekata
  • VIP mobile, više projekata